Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge ~ Week 34

Is this a Trojan Horse?  No, not the computing version.

Horse in store

Horse in store

A sad looking horse in a mom-n-pop clothing store. It’s not something one would normally see by a clothes rack, right? A mannequin perhaps, but a little “horse” with head dress?

It looks like an old horse which used to be on a carousel, once loved, ridden and hugged by children amidst laughter and joy.  If only it could speak and tell a story.

I took a closer look at her face and therein now, is a look of sadness, a feeling of discard as if knowing it is an unwanted burden.

The eyes speak ...

The eyes speak …

She looked back at me, silently neighing loneliness and resignation. Yes, I even spoke to her, telling her she’s still beautiful.

Maybe I should not let my imagination run astray ~ maybe it is Trojan Horse of sort, with a hidden camera. Maybe it just took pictures or a video of an old sentimental idiot talking to an old (carousel) horse.


2 responses to “Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge ~ Week 34

  1. I think he is adorable. Im calling him a he because of the “Blue”. 😀


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