Pandan Propagation (again) to keep it regrowing…

The summer heat is subsiding (thank goodness!) but it is still warm and humid ~ almost like in the tropics. What better time to propagate Pandan? (Please note this is Pandan Amaryllifolius and not any other kind of screwpine.)

Grandma Pandan

Grandma Pandan

My Pioneer Pandan which I have called Mama Pandan for a couple of years now will be renamed Grandma Pandan because her “babies” have since produced ample offshoots which I have potted and shared.

Notice that the top is crowded with offshoots and they just keep growing, adding weight to the main stem which is being tied to a pole/trellis for support.

She will be left there comfortably to re-grow more shoots but it is time to cut off a part of her main “trunk” or stem.

Health offshoot with thick aerial root

Healthy offshoot with thick aerial root

There is a healthy offshoot growing there with a thick aerial root close to it. That will be kept on Grandma to form the new plant.

The main stalk which has been cut.

The main stem which has been cut.


And all the others?
They come off.

Out of today’s cutting, there will be 9 plants (a couple of twins) which can be repotted soon.

IF anyone wants to try this method of propagating, remember to keep portions of the main stem on each offshoot as it provides food while roots re-grow.  Now, the offshoots will just have to sit in water (part shade & mild sun) and allow Ma Nature to do her thing.

9 new plants forthcoming

9 new plants forthcoming


2 responses to “Pandan Propagation (again) to keep it regrowing…

  1. I always think of you when i see my pandan. Many thanks again for your generosity. Lita


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