Oh yes, we had to kill Ms Papaya

We had to “bite the bullet” and do the heartbreaking deed.  Yes, we killed our treasured papaya tree. We had to, as it was a volunteer growing in the wrong place; but over time gave us so many mega-sized sweet fruits.  We’ve had her (yes, female) for 3 years and she happily grew right next to our concrete wall, staying warm during winter.





So now, begins the process of hopefully getting this tree to re-grow from cuttings, which to-date, I have  known only 50:50 success.
I spoke to them, gave them a mixture of soil & nutrients which they’ve been receiving and are familiar with and put them in their “nursery crib” to bear roots.

And the top of the whole tree I decided to place in a ground patch which have been enriched for quite a while with bokashi in a pit.

Top of tree with a young fruit

Top of tree with a young fruit

Will they be born again?  I hope so.


9 responses to “Oh yes, we had to kill Ms Papaya

  1. Plant some seeds from one of your papayas as well. I think Papaya trees have an 8 year life, or so my gardener tells me. We always start a few extra from seeds so they will mature by the time the old one dies. You are probably more of an expert at this than I am, however. Just putting my two cents in.


    • We’ve got other papaya trees growing but when 1 which has been healthy & producing good fruits has to go because it’s just too big for that corner, it’s just sad. The tap root was 6″ in diameter & it was in a retaining wall cum well, tree top pushing against the gutter … *sigh* Hope the cuttings survive, fingers XXed.


  2. Your green thumb will see you through.

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