2015 Has Not Been A Gourd Year

hanging from a branch "tellis"

hanging from a branch “trellis”

Could it be attributed to what everyone seems to be talking about? Global Warming? Bittergourd grows well in the Tropics but this year’s summer came like a sudden heatwave. Could that have upset its growth pattern?

We’ve only harvested a dozen this summer with perhaps another 5 more to go. Compared to last year and year before, when we got 4 times more, it makes seed saving more urgent so I sacrificed the largest to ripen for its seeds (not for consumption) and not wait till the end of the season.

Bittergourd seeds are just beautiful to look at when the gourd is ripe and the seeds are ready to be saved for the next year’s sowing.

Fresh out of the gourd.

Fresh out of the gourd.

Some with pulp removed.

Some with pulp removed.

Laid out for drying

Laid out for drying, to be saved for next year’s sowing.

I never knew that trying to start a Food Forest would entail such a wacky gamble but I will (try to) stick to my motto:  Sow, then eat those that grow.  Yes, Mother Nature never promised me a harvest quota from each seed during each season.





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