9/11 ~ In Memory and In Anticipation

Today is a day I simply feel sad yet anxious.  Sad because it is the anniversary of that mega-disaster now simply called 9/11. I will never forget watching it on TV, fixated.  I have walked those streets in New York City, taken the elevators of the World Trade Center and even visited friends working in the area. All I could do then, was pray for everyone.nycmarathon

A year later, I visited New York to join the famous marathon and I could still smell the burn and feel the vibes.  Yes, I actually ran with a heavy heart.

Then came the day when visitors were allowed into the 9/11 Memorial … I walked in and gasped in awe.  It was just breath taking!

World Trade Center 1

World Trade Center 1

Every name engraved in remembrance.

Every name engraved in remembrance

It’s been 14 years but each time I’m in New York City, I will take the metro from Grand Central to Fulton Street and run up looking skywards to see if the WTC is really gone.

Today,  I am also anxious because it is election day in Singapore, my birth place. I sincerely hope my fellow Singaporeans “vote wisely”.




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