I Got a Taste of Mad Weather

On a weekend trip to Miami, I felt the weather gods were testing our will to drive on or not to drive on.  It began with a nice sunny morning as we headed south, then as we reach Ft Lauderdale, it just got dark ~ not overcast but actually dark!

Dark clouds just appeared

Dark clouds just appeared

Then the splash came … and on the radio was Jose Feliciano’s Rain.
Everyone began slowing down on I-95 to 30 m.p.h, no speedsters, thank goodness.

It poured!

It just poured!

But when we passed the road sign indicating Miami 2 miles ahead ~ the rain disappeared. It felt like we had emerged from a rain tunnel.

Then sunny again

Then sunny again…

Not a drop of rain in Miami!  The change in scenes were just so weird.  It was like the tourists were spared the rain so that they could brown themselves uninterrupted.

Boardwalk on Miami Beach

Boardwalk on Miami Beach



2 responses to “I Got a Taste of Mad Weather

  1. That is the beauty of the Rain it has to end somewhere and start somewhere.
    When You get to see that it feels strange.
    Lots of Love,

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  2. Yes. I guess I’m so used to the gradual effect that I’ve forgotten that mother nature does create walls of rain. 🙂


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