Banana Improvement

After posting about the nasty squirrels ~ whom I call Food Wasters,  I received some advice from Judy Dykstra-Brown.  

Apart from deterring squirrels, I hope this will help those bananas in my yard to grow really big and fat. :mrgreen:



AFTER (male flower cut off)

(male flower cut off)

POST-AFTER (all wrapped up)

(all wrapped up)

The bunch is now without the male bloom and all wrapped up in a transparent, bottomless garbage bag.

Thanks Judy!!  I can’t wait to see what’s the outcome.


7 responses to “Banana Improvement

  1. I can’t wait either. I hope it works! I love having fresh bananas. When they start to get a bit too ripe, I peel them, cut them in half and freeze them in baggies to use in smoothies. They are also incredibly good just sliced and served frozen with milk and cereal, fruit or ice cream. I also disinfect and freeze fresh blueberries and then mix them with Greek yogurt. The yogurt coats the berries and freezes around them. So good they are addictive! Also good with walnuts and frozen bananas mixed in. Why am I turning your blog into a recipe site? Guess I must be hungry. Such a luxury being able to grow your own fruit. I live in a huge fruit growing area–raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries.

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  2. Curious about why you cut off the male bloom.

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