Developing Pandan Roots in Water

On September 2nd, I clipped my pioneer Pandan plant (the Pandan Amaryllifolius) to propagate ~ yes, I still use the water method, i.e. without soil, to grow nice strong roots before potting them for actual growth of leaves.

Unlike last year when I used some rooting hormone and epsom salt, this summer I decided to do without them because some gardeners have told me they can’t find those items where they live. The growth is slightly slower but there still is growth.

18 days later, see the results.

Every cutting has sprouted new roots

Every cutting has sprouted new roots

Clean water induced root growth

Clean water-induced root growth

Some are sprouting new shoots too!

Some are sprouting new shoots too!

Lots of new growth...

Lots of new growth…

So fellow Pandan growers seeking to propagate and those yearning to grow your own Pandan for aromatic, scrumptious and delectable cooking/baking, no fancy horticultural skills needed … just get a “baby” Pandan cutoff and let it grow some roots in water before potting.




5 responses to “Developing Pandan Roots in Water

  1. Hello, glad to find your blog. Do you by any chance sell a young pandan plant? I’ve been looking for this plant a long time. I live in Maryland and I’m not able to find this in any Asian grocery stores. I also like to berkebun 🙂


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