My Fruit in Armor ~ Papaya in Disguise

The Food Wasters have struck again!!  If someone knows of a scarecrow for squirrels, do please let me know.  We removed their banana supply and what do they do? Attack a ripening papaya of course. 😡

The victim

The victim

I couldn’t find any old used ones (for fruits i.e.) but because of its urgency, yes, I’ve actually sacrificed a pair of new knee-length hosiery to protect  my precious big papayas.

Papaya in Stocking!

Papaya in Disguise!??

Yeah, those darn squirrels … I’m going to Sock-It-to-‘Em!


9 responses to “My Fruit in Armor ~ Papaya in Disguise

  1. You put a stocking over it? I’m going to use this idea…The squirrels like to eat my papayas as well. I thought this was a black papaya!!!


  2. You can get plastic screening (like you use in screen windows) and wrap it around the whole bunch and tie it off at the top and bottom. Or, buy more nylons…Ha.

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  3. Really, you just can’t win against a squirrel. We gave up, and now they have their own feeders plus food on the ground. This seems to keep them away from food (although, admittedly not the cherries) intended for other creatures…..


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