There’s Surfing & there’s Surfing …

Yes, I was once a beach bum ~ a vacation beach bum.  Snorkeling and diving but for some reason (which todate remains a mystery) I have never learned how to surf, wave surf that is, not web surf. Oh well,  maybe in my next life …

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Sand and sea

Sand and sea

That's real relaxation

That’s real relaxation

… there’s also the real activity
Watching all this activity brought the tune Surfing USA playing almost continuously in my brain.

They were waiting, just patiently waiting ...

They were watching and waiting, just patiently waiting …

... waiting for the "right wave"

… waiting for the “right wave”

... then up the board for a try

… then up the board

it looked very tempting

doesn’ t that look tempting to try?




4 responses to “There’s Surfing & there’s Surfing …

  1. It’s never too late! Try windsurfing! I learned at age 49 🙂 Great pics!

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  2. I tried surfing this summer and I can highly recommend it! And it’s true, it’s never to late!

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