Durian Durian (not the rock band)

When I saw Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the prompt Smell, it immediately reminded me of the Durian, a fruit I really miss.  You can buy them, at times, from Asian grocery stores in the US but they only carry the frozen version and in my humble opinion there is just something missing from the aroma/stench of a thawed Durian.

no durianIt is supposedly so “pungent” even hotels, government offices and public transport in Asia do not permit the poor Durians’ presence. I have yet to see a similar prohibition sign pertaining to the Stilton Cheese.

Oh how I miss thee my precious Durian.  When I did Writing 101, the prompt Serially Lost appeared & what better way to express my relationship with the Durian.

Have I tried growing durian seedlings in hope that in perhaps 10 years I might have durians falling from the trees (yes, they do that) at night, when they are ripe for devouring?  Yes! and the seeds germinated ~ fast ~ but once Fall became Winter and the temperature dipped to 40°F (7°C), my Durian babies committed horti-harakiri. 😥

I think its time to head back to SE Asia to inhale the unique Smell of Durian Durian (and devour too)… then I can join in one of Cee’s challenges with a photo of Durian in Hand.





2 responses to “Durian Durian (not the rock band)

  1. I remember these from the markets in Singapore, and quite delicious I seem to recall…..


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