Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Final Features & a Fond Farewell

Each week I see some fascinating photographs taken by Cee and fellow Cee’s followers showing all ways that they see and pass through. As the final week of this challenge, I’m going to take Judy Dykstra-Brown‘s advice and ‘cry’ me a river … of appreciation.

row, row, row your boat

Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream ~ written in 1852

and that stream is part of the Ocklawaha River running through the Ocala National Forest Reserve.

Ocklawaha River



3 responses to “Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Final Features & a Fond Farewell

  1. And such a beautiful river it is too. Thanks for being a part of Which Way. 😀

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  2. How beautiful.. I love these rivers in the wild but rarely have been down them since my kayaking buddy (and husband) passed away. Thanks for taking the suggestion, Pekebun. Beautiful pictures. Since I already posted my river pix last week, here are some from this week:


    • As we were on a road trip & did not have a hotel room booked in advance, we simply could not afford to spend time slowly exploring the river. Good excuse for a return trip with a different itinerary. 🙂


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