My Golden Teeny Weeny Frog Friend

Early this morning, I set eyes on the tiniest frog I’ve ever seen in the garden. Its eyes followed me but I guess amphibious instinct knew I would do it no harm.

the teeny weeny one

the teeny weeny one

There it sat on the olive leaf (not the Olive Branch) so I guess the symbolism or omen does not apply.  Stayed very calm all the while, as I clicked my camera, and as it waited for a micro-bug to come its way.

stayed calm and cozy on olive leaf

stayed calm and cozy on olive leaf

Quite a pretty little thing it is

Quite a pretty little thing it is …


4 responses to “My Golden Teeny Weeny Frog Friend

  1. He’s a cutie – you took some great shots!


  2. I am still as excited as I was as a little girl when I come upon some small piece of unexpected nature–I found a tiny toad on my garage worktable a few months ago, and have been visited by two frogs near my pool in the past month. One serenaded me from poolside as I swam and I rescued the other from my hot tub cover–lucky because the water was hot enough to have turned him into dinner. One other tiny frog took up residence in my guestroom toilet and we let it be until the advent of a guest caused us to relocated it to the garden. When the guest left, the frog returned, somehow making its way up to the second floor of our house again and somehow, back into the toilet. I think it is its vacation home. Here is my very latest surprise visitor:

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