The Wandering Hakka Wanderer

In response to Cee’s Share Your World – 2015 Week #40

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been to?
My list of countries’ names would be a little too long but I have created a mini section in my blog (just look to the top & point your cursor at Travel Archives), which holds a short list and some photos for occasional reminiscence ~ I never took good photos in the past so places in Europe, Australia & elsewhere are left out. You see, I am of Hakka descent and they were the nomads in Chinese history. My ancestors just roamed the world and I’m still doing so while still able to. My great, great grandfather was the one that took that trip from the Mongolian border, headed down south to Indonesia, which then resulted in his descendants’ inter-marriages. The Hakka roaming spirit, though, never left all generations of our bloodline resulting in me now in the US and cousins scattered globally.

Is the glass half empty or half full? What type of glass is it and what is in the glass?
Right now it is half full. It is a normal beer size glass and in it is plain water at room temperature. My favorite drink is water and sometimes I call it Skyjuice.

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?
yardVegetables! All kinds of Vegetables! My aim at present is to grow 80% of my vegetable needs ~ being pragmatic, I don’t think I can achieve 100% as I only have a backyard to toy with. A friend sent me a little signboard and she ‘really hit the nail on the head’.

List:  List at least five places worth shopping.

I love Harrods (London) and can spend a whole day just in that store! But I also love the Fremantle Markets and that’s where I shop whenever I visit my parents-in-law in Perth. However, closer to home, I love Little Vietnam (Colonial Drive) in Orlando, Walmart for daily necessities and my laptop keyboard for online shopping. Fortunately shopping is no longer a pleasurable pastime as it once was, only an indulgence on vacation and a need for items to stay sane.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
Last week, hubby and I did an interesting road trip with no fixed itinerary, just made decisions over lunch, then drove around, looked for a hotel at sunset, made more decisions at breakfast after a dose of caffeine, then drove around more … but we are grateful to be home, safe & happy, even though a little poorer.  Coming week is a course I will be attending in trying to grow and shelter tropical fruits for the coming winter. It’s going to be interesting I foresee.


4 responses to “The Wandering Hakka Wanderer

  1. Your traveling last week sounds like the way I like to travel. Mine usually water room temperature or warm.


  2. I think this post is to be read carefully and understood properly.
    I shall come again.
    Shall definitely comment on that.
    I am going to bed right now.
    Meanwhile I request you to visit my blog for some poems I have written lately.
    Best Wishes,


  3. You have asked so many interesting questions.
    I am right now not in the moods or can give time on these but shall visit you again.
    Please do not mistake me, you will know why, if you visit my blog and read my latest poem and post.
    Fond Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Shiva, I am so sorry to hear of such sad news. I can feel your pain as I’ve too have been through that kind of loss. I will revert soon as presently I am hosting some visitors. Be kind to yourself.


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