Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge ~ Week #3

Somehow when I set out to take a shot of some plant growing or blooming or fruiting ~ I often get sidetracked.

Always take more than one photo… I know, I’m supposed to move around and take the shots from different angles, positions, etc. This post involves the subject moving around physically more than me ~ I move my fingers to try getting more shots of his different poses.  Oh yes, even on ‘autofocus’ it got messed up.

Clear leaves but what happened to the squirrel?

Clear leaves but what happened to the squirrel?

So I just stood there fidgeting with the dial (I think that’s what it’s called) while the squirrel fidgeted eyeing me, with that precious nut in his mouth.

I guess of all the shots I like the Eye-to-Eye shot. It’s got that ‘Get-Me-If-U-Can’ defiant look and he was making pretty weird sounds like “tsk tsk tsk”.DSCN1341I will try again … taking different shots from different angles the next time.


2 responses to “Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge ~ Week #3

  1. Don’t fret I usually shoot on “auto focus” too. I kind of like your first photo with the leaves in focus. But then I just like odd photos. You got a lot of different angles with the squirrels eyes. Wonderful entry for this week. Thanks.


  2. Enjoying the wild life in your backyard, that’s fun and entertaining…


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