Lessons Learnt (so far)

The last fortnight (14 days) has been an interesting stretch.

Got on a 27-hr trip home to the US via Tokyo and Chicago.  It took 3 days to get over my jet lag, which is 1 day longer than it used to take. I got my flu shot; managed to quick clean our house & took care of a guest for 3 days; got my vegetables & gourds “recuperated” from their bout of dehydration due to human absence; shopped and did a reasonable Thanksgiving dinner (leftovers have so far been made into Turkey Curry, Turkey Shepard’s Pie, Turkey Omelet sub & for tonight there will be Turkey Gumbo – ending my turkey saga).

Along the way, I’ve learned (Lesson 1) that no matter what it takes … do not charge your phone, nook, tablet, whatever, in small spaces between laptop, mouse and morning coffee. That leads to disaster!

Ah yes, full cup of steaming hot coffee toppled over/onto and into the keyboard and its crevices 😦


drip … drip …drip

Lesson 2 – Teeny weeny tablet and clumsy, stubby fingers do not good blog posts maketh.

tough tablet to "swallow" for blog fix

tough tablet to “swallow” for blog fix

I resisted Black Friday but (unfortunately) did bite the bait for early Cyber Monday. “I can resist Everything except Temptation” said Oscar Wilde, so that makes me feel a little less guilty.

Yeah, I bit the bait ...

Yeah, I bit the bait …


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