Never underestimate a Stick-in-the-Mud!

Mother Nature will work at her own pace, in her own time & as she pleases.

Late spring is the time when I propagate tropical herbs in preparation for their growth surge in summer. When late summer is warmer than expected, some cuttings do not make it and some just choose to hibernate. It is now Fall and it’s warmer than normal … but some “dead looking sticks” are coming back to life.

The Curry-Leaf plant (Murraya Koenigii) seems to always want do things their way, so fellow Murraya growers, do not be disheartened when you see a stick in your soil. Do not pull & discard, for they are tough dudes those Murrayas.

This is only my 3rd year of propagating this from cuttings. My mother plant simply does not bear flowers to produce seeds.

There's mama Murraya today.

There’s mama Murraya today.

Just for Information since I’ve had quite a few inquiries, I’m sorry to say I do not propagate to sell. I donate them to a couple of thrift shops with gardening corners & give them to some FB Friends from S.E. Asia now living in the US.
Yes, we curry cooking people just can’t do without them. :mrgreen:


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