Growing Tomatoes? Bag ’em!

For tomato growers (well, maybe other tender-skinned fruits as well) I think I may have found a problem to save your fruits ~ from birds, squirrels, horn worms, flea beetles and other pests which attack the actual fruit(s).

Gift Bags! Those attractive organza gift bags!

This is the size I selected but there are ample sizes & colors.

This is the size I selected but there are ample sizes & colors.

After toying with 1 which I got from a baby’s baptism, holding little trinkets & a card, I ordered some via e-bay.  A size that can fit bunches of cherry tomatoes as well as individual large Beefsteak ones costs USD5 for 50 pieces ~ 10¢ a piece ~ how wrong can that be? (Anti ‘Made-In-China’ buyers can buy them from gift stores and check the label yourselves.)

Cherry tomatoes still young and green.

Cherry tomatoes still young and green.

A newly formed bunch of cherry tomatoes … “Bag em before the pests get em!” is my new motto. Yes, I’ll share some, but AFTER I make sure I get to keep some for my hard work.

Easy to loosen and remove.

Easy to loosen and remove.

It allows air flow, sun, rain and everything as per normal except the direct attack of other tomato-loving creatures. Bagging involves gently slipping in and pulling the cord, removal will be easy as I’m not tying knots. IF the cords disintegrate after 1 use, I will re-cord using burlap strings.

That’s my contribution to lessen fellow tomato growers’ head and heart aches, when fruit of your labor is gobbled up before you get it onto your cutting board. Happy Tomato Growing & Picking & Devouring.


3 responses to “Growing Tomatoes? Bag ’em!

  1. We grew the most delicious tomatoes ever this winter in pots, no pests of any kind, except for the vervet monkeys who insisted upon raiding our garden (on our second story balcony). We also tried bagging the fruits, but those cute little buggers made off with the whole harvest. This year we are moving the tomatoes to the fenced in veggie patch at the hotel next door.


    • Well, at least those smart monkeys made off with whole bunches, right? In my case, the squirrels & birds will claw & munch holes but not finish eating whole fruits. I’m teaching them to finish 1 before wrecking all others. 😀 We don’t have anything fenced in (yet). 😦


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