Trash or Treasure?

As the Christmas trees are removed from homes, my mulch and compost pile(s) build up. Fir and Pine are the most common ones chopped down, transported to stores in my area, purchased, brought home and decorated, left standing for about 10 days and then hurriedly brought out for the dump-truck before the needles start falling. (Poor trees 😦 )

As I go about my routine, I take note of “trees” being discarded and if the size is manageable, I actually try to shove it into my little Suzuki Sidekick to bring home to use as my fragrant mulch supply. To date, I have ‘hoarded’ 6 trees.

The 4ft top of a tree.

The 4ft top of a tree.

The trunk.

The trunk – 4″ in diameter

Snipped off branches of 'needles'.

Snipped off branches of ‘needles’.

So for the month of January my backyard will look like a dump yard, but I consider it a mere short term event. The reward is aroma-therapeutic air each time I open my backdoor and step out onto the patio.

I hope 1 day, Christmas tree nurseries will grow and sell their trees live in some kind of flatpot/stand and after the festive season, these trees can be given to schools, parks, neighbors … to be replanted. But that’s beyond my scope ~ in the meantime, I can only help in my small way to recycle my neighbors’ trash.



3 responses to “Trash or Treasure?

  1. You are definitely a ‘kindred spirit. A few weeks ago I ‘rescued’ my neighbor’s wilting hibiscus from the trash heap in front of their house…I cut it WAY back, and now it has revived and is sending up new growth. The dilemma…in the spring do I keep the hibiscus, or do I do the noble thing and offer it back to them???

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