They Need Homes too …

Yesterday it rained 4.5″ in 3 hours and winds were at 40 mph! Was it a hurricane? No, it’s not the hurricane season but it sure felt like it. Pots of tomatoes were blown horizontal, stalks of Cuban Oregano got split in half ~ and my worry? Oh those poor insects! 😥

So today was our “Build Insects’ Home” day. The 2 (perhaps eccentric) insect lovers worked at building little stable shelters for our gardening/pollinating insects to take refuge in.

On the birdhouse pole.

On the birdhouse pole.

The migratory birds are not using the house anymore (don’t know why) so we decided to use the pole as a beam for a temporary shelter.

Backyard oak tree

Backyard oak tree

I nailed 1 on an oak tree by the backyard and found out that I actually ran out of bamboo after sawing what I had cut down. OK, I can only attribute it to Darwinian’s Law, but it will give them some safe hideaway space for now, I hope.

Swarm shelter

Swarm shelter

In case of any bee swarm in the area, we hope this will help to keep the queen and her whole contingent safe as they decide where to head to next. We even placed some cut lemongrass and leftover beeswax to give some comfort, just in case. (We’re bee novices but we’ve seen a swarm in dire straits because of the odd weather … so what have we got to lose? We just love those bees.)

The whole frenzy arose from the weather forecast that there might be a repeat of severe weather threat tomorrow.

Does it all sound a bit cocky? Perhaps, but some folks worry about kids, others about pets, we just happen to worry about our “gardening assistants”.


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