The Storm ~ not a novel, it’s for real

Sometimes “woman’s intuition” needs to be taken in good faith. Yes, I had a very strong feeling that bad weather was forthcoming, so at my insistence, we built some little homes for the insects. Crazy though it may all seem, little did I expect the storm to be of such magnitude.

We couldn’t stay in bed, the rain and the thunderous rumbling brought us downstairs to the kitchen where we had coffee to stay calm. When it got bright enough, I decided to take a short video out of the kitchen window.

News we read later today revealed that there were tornadoes in the air! This is supposed to be winter in the northern hemisphere and where I am, it usually gets a little chilly and lacks rain. I guess not many (high up) people are taking global warming seriously and Mother Nature is upset.
Yes, Hell Hath No Fury … like when Ma Nature is in a funk.



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