Happy Valentine’s Day

We’ve had 2 chilly mornings with potential frost but fortunately it’s been frost free. The collard greens are happy, kales are happy, I’m happy. With some corn seeds (for planting) & an idiot proof camera in my pocket, I headed out to the backyard this morning, just slow-walking around, then I heard gentle flapping followed by very soft splashes.

As I slowly looked over a palm trunk (almost banged my head on a stiff frond) I saw the most romantic pond scene ever. (Yes, pond not porn.) They made no squawking or chirping noises but each knew what the other was doing &/or going to do… and they did it … together.



Did you know that Ducks are monogamous? It simply made me wonder if life with a partner gets one to know and read what the other intends to do. Can one, over time, instinctively just act without thought? Does it then become habitual? Is that what contributes to long, happy marriages?

I watched and marveled. Love between and amongst all beings is a beauty.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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