It’s HOT!

pep1What do you do with 4lbs of Jalapeño peppers?

In Asia, we use a different kind of green pepper which we call green chillies (milder) for pickling, but I decided to try pickling some ~ the Asian way.

Mexican style pickling

Mexican style pickling

I also did some per this Mexican recipe which did not need fine slicing, but I slit them lengthwise for better vinegar contact. So into the bottle some went, whole, with peppercorn, bay leaf, cloves of garlic … Then filled the jar with apple cider vinegar.

In the dehydrator ...

In the dehydrator.

The final batch, I decided to simply slice them and place in the dehydrator. Yes, they are now in the garage getting worked on.

It has been a very HOT day but I can’t wait to taste the fiery end product.


2 responses to “It’s HOT!

  1. Yum! Food always taste better with chillies!

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