Pineapple suckers

Yes, I’m a sucker for those darn Pineapple suckers! They simply take their own sweet time to reproduce. The experts are right ~ 24 months at least.

My Pineapple saga began in 2014 when I got my hands on a locally grown fruit that was extra juicy and super sweet. I saved the sucker & during the next few days got me a few more so that I could make pineapple jam and try pineapple growing. It’s been a long, patience-testing, trial & error period.
Heck, I’ve even gone so far as to put apples on a few & covered them with garbage bags! Did I feel like an idiot? Yes. Did that work? I don’t know.

Winter is almost over, another cool spell will be with us in a couple of days, hopefully the last one BUT! there is evidence that we will get a couple of (hopefully) super sweet pineapples this summer.

Pineapple flower

Pineapple flower

a mini pineapple forming

a mini pineapple forming

So, I’m prepared to cover them with blankets and hug these darlings to keep them warm if I need to.
Oh, what joy!



4 responses to “Pineapple suckers

  1. Take care of those beautiful babies.

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