You growing a Curry Leaf Plant? When coppiced, it ‘speaks’

This tall and lanky Curry Leaf plant has been coppiced every 6 months. Why? I have found out that it actually reveals the forthcoming change of seasons … micro-climatewise, i.e.

It's springing to life!

It’s springing to life!


These stalks have been almost bald for winter and that is when dried curry leaves are needed in my kitchen. In the last fortnight, tiny greens have emerged from some pretty thick stems and this tells me that the soil it’s growing in is nice and warm enough for seed sowing.

Yes, my seeds have been sown… :mrgreen: vegetable seeds, that is.

Vigorously sprouting ...

Vigorously sprouting …

Almost Bonsai looking.

Almost Bonsai looking.

And they do scream that they are coming back to life when I’m close to them in the morning as the dew on their leaves dry … they remind me of the fragrance of curries.

This particular Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii) was planted there specifically to help shade a south wall in summer (click link to see what I mean), see the blank wall? I thought coppicing it would make it shorter and thicker but it did not quite work out that way.

So in December, knowing that the Chinese Year of the Monkey was around the corner, I decided to experiment ~ the mad monkey way… that is, anything goes.
(See my next post.)



8 responses to “You growing a Curry Leaf Plant? When coppiced, it ‘speaks’

  1. Can you explain to me about the curry leaf plant as opposed to curry powder, which is a blend of spices? Is the curry leaf used in curry? Confusion…..

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    • The term “curry” originates from the Indian sub-continent & the cuisine there. There are literally thousands of different types of curries. A curry dish involves ground herbs/spices combined and when different ratios are used, different dishes are created. Curry Leaves are commonly used in curries, similar to Bay Leaf, it adds aroma & enhances the flavor of the dish(es). In the US, I have found that it is not sold in supermarkets, only available in Asian food stores usually run by Indians, Pakistanis or Sri Lankans. If you break a fresh leaf, it’s just like aromatherapy, it triggers the brain nodes to think of food, glorious food. 😀


  2. I’m in love with curry leaves! Hoping I can grow mine on the balcony. Still have yet to get hold of some seeds!

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