Unto dust shalt thou return ~ Update

Update of my contribution to Recycling 

“We’re ready! We’re ready! screamed the corn seedlings silently and to show me they meant business, they stuck their roots out through the papier-mâché “tray-cups” like a toddler would stick his legs out of a crib.

Roots have penetrated the seeding "cups".

Healthy, thick roots have penetrated the seeding “cups”.

The recycled “tray cups” were moistened thoroughly before being split up into individual pieces and placed in planting holes semi-filled with composted manure, some Epsom Salt and homemade potting mix.

Into the soil they went

Into the soil they went.

2 rows

My new corn strip consisting of 2 rows.

So there they are now, the recycled “cups” holding and supporting the young corn seedlings partially mulched with hay.  Soon they will disintegrate and biodegrade, feed the earthworms, micro-organisms and whatever living beings there which find recycled paper deliciously edible, then back to becoming part of the soil again.




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  1. Showing life how it acts.

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