Protect Your Tomatoes!

I began using Gift Bags as Tomato Bags when my tiny perennial tomatoes were fruiting and hoped that they would work when larger tomatoes began to grow and ripen.  I can now confirm that they do.

Stubbornly refusing to use sprays, I left 1 Betterboy ‘unbagged’ to see what would happen during the change of seasons, as that’s the time when pests will attack ferociously to lay their eggs. There it is, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

the unbagged victim

the unbagged victim with a pest abode

So, diligent bagging began … any fruit, the size of a grape, when spotted gets bagged.

Safely left to sun-ripen on plants.

Safely left to sun-ripen on plants.

A newly harvested tomato in hand is worth ...

A newly harvested, chemical free, tomato in hand is worth … ?!

Well, I’ve run out of bags and have ordered another lot of 50 which means I already have 50+ tomatoes in the backyard, in their green state. 50 bags for US$5, delivered right to my mailbox is money well spent, IMHO.



4 responses to “Protect Your Tomatoes!

  1. Tomatoes look pretty in that elegant pouches. All wrapped up and ready to be given away. 😆

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  2. I grow organic vegetables and flowers. I invite wild birds to hang out in the garden as well as growing herbs like Borage and Calendula here and there in the vegetable garden so I have no problem with bugs.

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