To Beet or not to Beet …

that was the question (this morning).
I decided to Beet It when Michael Jackson came on the radio. It was like a calling of sort.

I have a couple of (what I call) Beet Bins. Yes, I grow Beets in bins because it gives me better control of water flow and I can move them to get more or less sunlight, depending on weather conditions and their rate of growth.

County's Recycle Bin being recycled since new ones were given out.

County’s Recycle Bin being recycled since new ones were given out.

Nice, big and ready

Nice, big and ready.

I always check for re-sprouting and this one has a few, not all will regrow, probably a couple of strong ones but they go back to nature’s bed.

Leaves & stalks will be sautéed  with sesame oil & garlic then sprinkled with malt vinegar. That will accompany my seafood fried rice for lunch.

Cleaned and ready.

Cleaned and ready.

The Beetroot is going to be steamed and then chilled. Will probably slice or grate it to add to salad with feta cheese for dinner.

Don’t you think it’s fun sowing then reaping your harvest?
Clean & chemical free. :mrgreen:


Update: Had to change my lunch plan a little (didn’t have enough seafood) so I made Biryani Rice & Chicken Tikka Masala (using leftover chicken) to go with sautéed Beet leaves & stems.






5 responses to “To Beet or not to Beet …

  1. What a great idea. I never would have thought to grow in bins. Love beets and will re grow. Wish I would have known this last fall and I would have tried bringing them in house to re grow.

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    • Good luck with growing them! Novice gardener like me tried all styles of growing to find out 1st hand what worked & what didn’t. Still trying … Gardening, like Life, to me is a perpetual learning process. 😀

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  2. Hahaaa! To beet or not to beet and then beet it? Jagung, can?😅 Biryani..hmm..yum!

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