Pandan ~ It’s Time to Divide & Spread

As the Spring weather warms, Pandan plants will grow staggeringly fast, like in the tropics. As I went around checking what I call the big bunches, like the one below, I realized the “children” were just as big as their mother plants.

Overcrowding stuns growth.

Overcrowding stuns growth.

The young adult plants had matured aerial roots so it was time for them to leave home so that Mama-Pandan can build strength to produce more.

Those are big strong aerial roots!

Those are big & strong aerial roots!

1 even had its own soil roots already, screaming to be repotted.

I hope to get 12-15 young adult Pandan plants “harvested” in the next 2 days & they will be left in pots of water to develop roots as per my usual method. Then, into soil pots for about a month to be stabilized and after that my new project begins ~ a Pandan & Lemongrass hedge along the backyard boundary to hopefully repel those (darn) wild rabbits and raccoons in the area. It will also hopefully be my perennial supply of aromatic kitchen needs.


4 responses to “Pandan ~ It’s Time to Divide & Spread

  1. do you sell this? i miss these leaves so much. just moved to florida and have a patch of land in front of my house where i can start growing things on.


  2. I am trying to buy Pandan plants. Where did you get yours? Are you in south Florida? Could I buy from you or barter?


    • Sorry, I’ve given all my “Pandan babies” away for this summer. If you are in S FL, visit Asian grocery stores run by Thai/Vietnamese because many sell for their hobby gardener friends & put them in a mini plant corner with other live herbs. If you don’t see 1 leave word that you are looking to buy a healthy potted 1. 99% you will get 1 & cheaper than ebay (which almost gave me a heart attack) & w/o shipping costs.


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