WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Future of My Stone Age Appliance

Over the years (and I do mean decades!) I have seen changes beyond description of tools and appliances used in kitchens. From grandma’s days when she used charcoal in a clay stove and ground spice pastes with a granite mortar to today’s kitchens with gas & electric cooker-ovens and all kinds of food mixers/blenders, it’s like taking a slow walk through a time tunnel.

Do I have an electric oven cooker? Yes. Do I have electric food processors? Yes. It may seem absurd but I brought with me, over 12,000 miles, my precious stone age appliance knowing I will be needing it in the kitchen, no matter how up-to-date I bring my kitchen to.

It doesn’t come with a warranty and it never breaks down. It doesn’t need power to operate and it can be used for many, many more decades to come…

My Stone-Age Appliance

My Stone-Age Appliance

It always works!

It always works!

I kid you not, even the Flintstones will enjoy the aroma of spice blends coming out of this contraption. It certainly doesn’t involve rock(et) science. Yes, I did plan for the Future when moving to live in the US.


5 responses to “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Future of My Stone Age Appliance

  1. I like the aroma of blend spices.These “stone age hand blenders” keep me connected with the simple time of old days (:

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  2. I also use one (granite), but the one I really long for, is the cast iron pestle and mortar I grew up with. The iron always retained the mixed aromas of all the spices ground therein over the years.

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