Swarm No. 2 ~ Just Bee-U-tiful!!

As I drove on to our driveway this afternoon, hubby came walking out, fast, and said “You won’t believe what’s happened!”. My first thought was “Uh-oh! Did someone die?”

Fortunately, no, it was good news. Well at that point in time it was good news. A new swarm of Honey Bees is in our front yard, about 30ft away from our beezy Swamp Box, up on a tree. Out came the cellphone from the handbag, just in case they disappeared if I was to run in to grab a camera. Wow!

OK, at the time of this post, 7.45pm, the swarm is still there ~ not as active but still there. Will they stay? Is there a way to persuade them to stick around? We already have a hive in the backyard and are now trying to establish one in the front yard. Can we use that green Swarm Box we have to attract them after we move the present occupants to the Topbar Hive which we have set up?

There is something in the front yard attracting bees … could it be the lemongrass hedge?





2 responses to “Swarm No. 2 ~ Just Bee-U-tiful!!

  1. Woooohoooo! I hope they stay. Whatever you are doing, it’s working! 😊

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    • I’m hoping they’ll stay too. We’ve cleaned out the green Swarm Box, put some fresh lemongrass near it & now have it on the east side of garden, keeping our fingers crossed. 😉

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