In Singapore – So Local But So Foreign (part 1)

After a 28 hour trip, I’m now in Singapore. I blend in. I speak, look & feel local.

It will be a short “work” trip so I need to get around and get things done fast, but after 3 days I’m actually finding out that I’ve simply become quite foreign. I’ve tried analyzing how I feel about it … I don’t know (yet).

A glaring point is an everyday event. Paying for purchases – handing out and receiving coins. I used to know coins in hand by feel (like braille, I dare say), just touching them by my fingertips in coin-purses, pockets of jeans, shoulder bag coin pouches… I just knew each coin’s denomination by touch. But now, not anymore – I’ve actually overpaid, I’ve had to flip and double-check, yes, it now takes a second longer per coin-in-hand.


It’s not a life-and-death situation but it does bring on this slight feeling of loss of one’s identity/attachment. It’s like the slow snipping of the umbilical cord.  *ouch!*


8 responses to “In Singapore – So Local But So Foreign (part 1)

  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better. The new series seems marginally smaller. When it came out, a lot of us made mistakes too. (Somehow that minor difference confuses the mind more).

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  2. Heheee! Welcome back. Home sweet home! Yes, those new coins are a little foreign! What are you going to be eating???😊😊😊

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  3. Easy … come back for a visit. 😀


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