In Singapore – So Local but So Foreign (part 2)

Am I familiar with traveling around in Singapore?

Of course (or so I thought), I was taking the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) for years to the office and before that, buses to school and college. I’ve owned cars and have driven around, taking short-cuts and back-roads avoiding entry via toll gates on main roads into the Central Business District. I even hold a Class 4 Driver’s License which means I can drive a bus or a commercial truck if I choose to or need to. That makes me “very local”, right?


3 days ago I was slammed with a Rude Awakening!  It’s a signboard I’m setting eyes on for the 1st time. Bicycle Parking right outside the MRT station? Heck! Bicycle lanes were removed in the 70’s when people rode them in the suburbs… and now they’ve got Bicycle Parking spaces?

Oops! Not just parking spaces but dual level parking spots with specific instructions on usage of these racks/devices.

Does that mean that when cyclists remove their bicycles and head home, they bring them up to their high floor apartments or are there more racks in residential housing blocks?

Parking instructions too!

Parking instructions too!


It actually got me so intrigued I read the instructions then went right up to the parking rack/device to touch, feel and experiment.

The fancy bicycle parking rack.

The fancy bicycle parking rack.

So, does this make me a Local who is kind of Foreign?


2 responses to “In Singapore – So Local but So Foreign (part 2)

  1. Hmm…ok. I have to admit that I haven’t seen those! I saw a bike parking stand at the void decks but not yet those. Novel!

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