In Singapore ~ So Local but So Foreign (part 3)

I sat and people watched. That cross-point in East Coast/Joo Chiat Junction… those roads which I must have crossed thousands (yes, plural) of times in my life. The Chocolate shop across the road was once a very famous Hainanese Chicken Rice cum Coffee Shop owned by the Phang family. They lived above the store. Wee Nah, the third out of 5 daughters was a classmate of mine.

The Cross-Road of my early life

The Cross-Road of my early life

The left window on the 3rd level used to be the girls’ bedroom cum homework-room and there I used to be at age 11 or 12 doing my mathematics homework with Wee Nah.

Where I sit to have my beer was once a perpetually busy corner coffee shop and right behind me used to be the famous Char Kway Teow (fried rice noodles) stall. The store is now a global-beer pub. Pubs seem to be everywhere in Katong – are people now drinking so much beer?

Shophouses are now all glassed up and air-conditioned. The buildings’ profiles are still the same yet so different. The interracial couples walking by make up over 50% of pedestrians while in my dating days, my date & I would stick out ~ like 0.01%!

I think I will come back to this exact point every 5 years (if destiny allows) to feel if not see the changes to the area.

I walked these streets as a child;
I now sit here as a returnee-of-sort…
I feel so local,
yet I know I am now not.


One response to “In Singapore ~ So Local but So Foreign (part 3)

  1. I once said I wish I could come back to earth once every hundred years, just to have a quick look-see at how life has changed. Just thinking back over my lifespan, things are drastically different from what they used to be in my childhood.

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