Pandan roots ~ when to move from water to soil

My routine of cultivating the Pandan plant (Pandanus Amaryllifolius) from matured ones is to carefully clip off the babies which have strong aerial roots and (as in an earlier post) develop more roots in water.

Of late I have been receiving inquiries about what happens thereafter, what containers would be best to use and how to know when the roots are matured enough to be repotted or planted into the ground. This is not professional advice or what nurseries might do ~ it’s strictly my method, OK? (So no finger pointing and lawsuits please, try at your own plant’s risk.)

After sufficient roots have developed in water (in about 3 weeks) I plant them in potting soil with a pinch of epsom salt. I use disposal drinking cups as I find them deep, thin, pliable, light and reusable. I make a small hole in the base for drainage using a hot skewer.

The depth allows roots to grow with gravity ~ downwards.

The depth allows roots to grow with gravity ~ downwards.

And these soft cups allow me to wet the soil, gently press their sides and slide the “baby” plants out to monitor their root growth.

Nice matured roots ...

Nice long matured roots …

When the roots reach the cup’s base and grows in shape of its circumference, then I know it’s ready to leave its nursery-cup to go into a pot.


6 responses to “Pandan roots ~ when to move from water to soil

  1. Thanks for the tip on transplanting the pandan.


  2. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful.


  3. Hello,

    I’m growing a pandan shoot with roots in a pot and it’s grown quite healthy but the leaves don’t give off any aroma. I used new potting soil and water it regularly. My aunt who gave me the plant lives in FL suggested that it’s the soil I’m using. I live in VA and while it’s been moved indoor now, I had it sitting in full sun over the summer. Do you know what is the cause?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Linn,
      Unless you have a garden with perhaps 10-12 matured plants around you, then you will get aromatic whiffs with slight breeze. A single plant in a pot does not give off aroma that is strong enough to be smelt by human nose. Try pinching the tip of a leaf to get some sap on your fingers, it’s the sap that is aromatic. Good luck!


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