Calm before the Storm

The hurricane season has begun (Jun 1 – Nov 30th), but Storms Alex & Bonnie came visiting a little early for this year’s schedule.

We spent last week clearing the gutter, trimming trees and checking their branches, stocking up on canned goods, returning & buying LPG (liquified propane gas) cylinders … the essential hurricane routine and then we see

a cloud roll

a cloud roll

Florida mentioned in the storm forecast. *urgh*

I am grateful that Colin is only a storm because having been through “The Twins” (Hurricanes Frances & Jeanne) and then Hurricane Wilma the year after, where we lost our walls, power supply, had holes in roof & constant wet floors … misery for 2 long years … yes, I have a phobia when actual hurricanes are forecasted to come our way.



5 responses to “Calm before the Storm

  1. Julle is braaf. As die wind net effens sterker waai as gewoonlik, raak ek klaar bang.


  2. Oh Noooo!! 😦 that must hv been some scary experience. I hope it won’t be so bad this time. Stay safe!

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