Whatever It was, It got recycled

I bought this strange looking thing today at a thrift store and kept wondering what on earth it is/could have been. After over an hour toying with it on our front porch, hubby & I decided to just cut it up (it’s actually way tougher than it looks) and use it to build what is needed. Yes, it got recycled.

1 of the remnant pieces ended in the back patio as a mini-tool holder.

They will be washed by the rain forecasted for tonight.

They will be washed by the rain forecasted for tonight.

The main project was “built” in the garage and put to the test in the front yard.

A "cage" over the bird feeder!

A “cage” over the bird feeder!

On the sides are the wired squares and the crucial part with vertical wires are next to the feed holes. Will it work? Only 1 way find out …

On the same area where our “pet” birds come for their dinner each night, we brought down the feeder and placed it on our outdoor patio table. We sat and watched.


Mr Cardy (our favorite cardinal) flew down to inspect. He landed on the table and hopped around. cage2It’s like “I wonder what on earth did they put around our dinner table?” But he kept exploring/inspecting and then … cage3ta~daaa … he found his dinner and pecked away!

So it’s Cardinal accessible. Now to observe, in the morning, whether it’s Woodpecker and Blue-Jay accessible. We hope this will block the greedy (& destructive) squirrels from eating more than their fair share of edibles in our yard. If it works, the recycled usage of this $5 purchase is priceless!


8 responses to “Whatever It was, It got recycled

  1. Perfect use for it–both uses. Clevah!

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  2. I agree with Judy — both uses are very clever! Before long, I think the birds will truly appreciate their enhanced security while dining, for no predators can get to them by air or by land! Awesome ideas!

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  3. My Pats on this


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