It’s been tough

We tried, we really did … We’ve built & rebuilt all kinds of contraptions in hope of outsmarting those darn squirrels from devouring food meant for the birds and the outright destruction of several of our bird feeders.

The last contraption was from a thriftstore dismantled, cut up and built into what we hope would be squirrel proof.

It came, saw ...

It saw, came to investigate…

Walked all around it ...

Walked all around it …

Made sure no booby-traps and then

had a good meal.

had a good meal.

Squirrel won; we lost (again). 😦


2 responses to “It’s been tough

  1. Bwahaha. Jammer, maar dis snaaks. Dis hoe ons voel oor die ape wat ons groentetuin verwoes.

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