Stay chemical free & they come …

When you follow Mother Nature in growing and cultivating greens around you, you will see some of the strangest beings doing what you least expect almost next to your front door. Today’s visitor is a Yellow Bellied Turtle!

I kept my distance but there she was ~ clearly viewable from my front porch.

Dig, dig, dig...

Dig, dig, dig…

Why did she not choose a spot closer to a water patch, the back ditch, the small front canal …?

Busy hind-leg digging ...

Busy hind-leg digging

Stared right at me too!

Stared right at me too!

So what was Mrs Turtle doing?


She was about to lay her eggs and procreate. I decided to leave her some peace & privacy to do what Ma Nature had induced.

Footprints in the sand.

Footprints in the sand.

Her job is done. She covered her eggs. The only very, very discreet signs left were some footprints in the sand of the Front Nature Corner.

My Front Nature Corner

Turtle Eggs just next to Honey Bee Hive






4 responses to “Stay chemical free & they come …

  1. What a privilege to behold. Fabulous outcome from your principled labours.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Peke!
    I just wanted to come here.
    As you love nature and you bring a lot what’s in nature.
    It is surprising turtles move around so freely at your place.
    I have done some Haiku which you shall love to read.
    One is on our Garden “Shower Happiness”
    You are welcome.
    Have a Nice weekend.


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