Re-doing my paths ~ Sheet Mulching with Cardboard

Right now, I am a busy Cardboard Hunter a.k.a. Dumpster Diver. Those dump bins used by stores, emptied by forklifts are so huge and deep, it’s really quite a feat trying to get discarded cardboard boxes out of there (& not fall in). Slow and steady … hey! I’m just helping to recycle …

My 2nd retrieved batch

My 2nd retrieved batch

It’s summer and with Florida’s seasonal downpour, I’ve found it’s the best time to “re-pave” my pathways. Yes, I use cardboard as sheet-mulch as it is biodegradable, blocks weeds and allows me to do my part in recycling.

Pathway cardboard mulched.

Pathway cardboard mulched.

~ then covered with hay

~ then covered with hay

Cardboard mulch & hay all the way.

Hay, hay, hay it’s magic ♫


Now, to wait for tomorrow’s rain before I walk all over it in rubber boots to “shape” it.

Oh, and I use cardboard low boxes as biodegradable raised beds too. They blend in, disintegrate, become soil and my plants can’t tell the difference. :mrgreen:

Seedlings in their temporary raised beds.

Seedlings in their temporary raised beds.

Oops! By coincidence I saw Jennifer Nichole Wells’ site so I’m joining in the fun.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cardboard


7 responses to “Re-doing my paths ~ Sheet Mulching with Cardboard

  1. What an excellent idea!

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  2. hi Vin I have been mulching on da cheap myself. I go to the stores where they stack bottled drinks on flat thick cardboards. I hang around and ask them if they are clearing these cardboards and feel like the kalang guni man collecting huge piles and driving home with my loot 😀 Beats buying those vinyl weed inhibitor sheets and they cost some good bucks as well.

    This way, I am recycling and it’s all biodegradable!

    Much love, Nonya Online ;-D

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    • Alamak!! You are Someone ah?! I’ve put Someone in my spambin … will check & recycle. 😀
      I’ve found cardboard to be the best anti-weed coversheet as like you say, they’re biodegradable, absorbs & retains moisture & also make excellent temporary “raised bed” for seedlings then eventually blends in & become soil. Oh! and FOC!


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  4. What a lovely way to re-use cardboard!


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