Water Convolvulus (蕹菜) ~ I’m doing it my way

Growing Water Convolvulus (or Kang Kong) is illegal in Florida because it can be very invasive, so be forewarned. DO NOT grow this and leave it be, especially not in Florida anyway, because you will get ditches blocked, probably get a fine and that’s downright environment-unfriendly.

But!! like grandma who was taught by her mother and who taught my mother, who taught me, how to make rice wine in the kitchen for home use, no one got fined or imprisoned for personal “moonshine” brewing ~ so I grow this very, very carefully, strictly for my kitchen’s wok only and away from my backyard ditch.

Just late spring I found an ideal spot to insert a “mini-lake” where water supply is constant for its summer growth since it is an aquatic plant.

Right next to my air-conditioning unit!

Right next to my air-conditioning unit!

Constant supply of water

Constant supply of water

The container is actually a tire-tube checking basin costing $1 from Dollar Tree. It is buried in soil with only 1 inch of the basin above soil level. I have drilled 2 small holes at soil level for excess water outflow.

My small amount of fresh supply carefully monitored.

My fresh Kang Kong supply carefully monitored.

So where does excess water go to?

Out the drilled holes to surrounding soil ...

Out the drilled holes to surrounding soil …

Around this mini-lake, at present, I am cultivating sweet potatoes and some native tomatoes. IF this grow method works, I might try growing water-cress too next summer.

I’m growing this in a little 14″ basin to get a type of vegetable not sold in supermarts around me. Why waste gas driving 32 miles to the closest Asian store to get a half-pound supply, which incidentally is loaded with calcium, iron, protein, vitamins A & C, when I can get weekly harvests 25 steps away from my backdoor? And who is growing these to supply to Asian stores all over the US? Some lucky grinning farmers somewhere must be growing this invasive weed legally & selling it to us Asians … and for real US$ too!



3 responses to “Water Convolvulus (蕹菜) ~ I’m doing it my way

  1. Love to grow that too for personal consumption. Can’t find that in the oriental store here. You are so resourceful.


  2. Gosh, I can’t stop laughing. I’m the silly Asian that’s buying it from the Asian grocery store here even though I know I can just grow it myself. My mum refused to buy it when she came to visit me in the US because she said it’s too expensive. It was like $4 usd for a bunch.

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    • The impact of USD4 for a bunch of Kangkong can be quite painful I know. Then when you buy and cook, you have to eat slowly & enjoy each bite of that super expensive purchase. *painful* That’s why the brain gets quite creative when desperation hits… so grow your own! :mrgreen:


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