Pandan Wrapped Chicken

Summer heat is on; humidity is high … it’s just like in the tropics.
Pandan plants are happy! In case Pandan growers run out of ideas as to what they can do with them apart from rice and cakes, try wrapping meat then steaming or baking.

Today's tropical vegetable harvest.

Today’s tropical vegetable harvest – Pandan, Chili-Pepper & Water Convolvulus.

I made Pandan Wrapped Chicken (again) and as usual this is when I really do not mind the lingering aroma emitted from the air-oven, of Pandan, hovering around the house for a couple of hours after dinner.

Chicken all wrapped up.

Chicken all wrapped up.

Baked Pandan Chicken

Baked Pandan Chicken

Tiny shredded Pandan pieces added to the marinade.

Tiny shredded Pandan pieces which were added to the marinade.

We had this with white steaming hot Jasmine rice and Spicy Stir-Fried Water Convolvulus, just a simple home style Asian meal.



6 responses to “Pandan Wrapped Chicken

  1. I love pandan! They are wonderful leaves. Wrapping them in chicjen is a great idea. Am thinking of nasi lemak and ondeh-ondeh now…hmmmm. do you grow them yourself too? I’d love to try growing pandan (my husband I mean, I’m useless. I kill plants) but I think Holland is probably too cold for pandan. We attempted turmeric and nothing has happened so far! 😦

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    • Out here I have to grow pandan or else it’s 32 miles 1 way to Asian grocery store. FYI, I’ve killed so many plants, I’ve lost count ~ part of learning gardening. 😀 Check out gardening clubs in your area or internet, I’m sure you’ll meet many who grow stuff for Indonesian cooking… kunyet, lengkuas, serai, pandan, cekur … in a greenhouse? sunroom? by the fireplace? Check it out.

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