Katuk (馬尼菜 pronounced Mani-chai)

This time last year when we visited ECHO nursery in Fort Myers, we actually found they were growing Katuk, so we bought a pot to cultivate.



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Back in Singapore I would call it Cekur Manis or Mani-chai (馬尼菜) but I’ve now learned that it is called Katuk in the U.S.  It’s said to be a perennial but I’ve found that it grows best during warm weather.

They don’t exactly look like Kew Garden’s manicured shrubs but they are forming edible hedges around our oak well and parts of the backyard.

the Katuk hedge

the Katuk hedge

vitamin & mineral-rich greens

vitamin & mineral-rich greens

When I’m in a “can’t be bothered to cook” frame of mind, just cut some leaves up, stir-fry with garlic and then add an egg. That makes a simple, tasty and nutritious sandwich filling. Tastes great too when stir-fried with anchovies, in pasta dishes and of course spicy Asian dishes. *yum yum*

To cultivate, I stick a branch in a tall container of water and just wait for it to form roots.

ready to be planted in soil

ready to be planted in soil

That’s a no brainer … right? :mrgreen:





2 responses to “Katuk (馬尼菜 pronounced Mani-chai)

  1. Must look out for Katuk – I’m assuming it’s perennial? I’ve not come across it before. It looks like it would produce a healthy yield. I see you’ve planted yours around an oak – what other plants would it work well with?

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  2. Katuk a perennial in zone 9 & warmer. We’ve planted it by the edge of an oak well & they’re growing fine. Now with more cuttings available, I’ve begun planting them close (+- 5ft) to another oak tree where there’s morning sun but it’s only been 2 mths so I’m watching them closely. 🙂


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