Nature’s Indication of Life

Seeds do have a “mind” of their own. They know when to lay dormant and when it’s time to begin life.

Black Eye Susan's babies

Black Eye Susan’s babies

An ex-colleague (co-worker) who is part native American once mentioned that her grandfather used to use Black-Eye Susan as poultice of sort and when one sees native plants in one’s garden begin reproducing like in the photo above, it means conditions are right for seed sowing.

So now it’s time to prepare for some Fall vegetables and watch for the start of the self-seeding ones.


4 responses to “Nature’s Indication of Life

  1. Your post had me go looking – it’s not a plant that grows native here, but well when introduced. I found this –
    Snake bites!

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  2. Reminds me of a bonsai plant that!

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