The New and the Unchanged

On June 1, 2016, United Airlines began their longest non-stop flight (15 hours & 30 minutes) using the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from San Francisco to Singapore. So I asked myself “why not give it a try?”. Try it I did and I love it!

@ the San Francisco International

@ the San Francisco International Terminal

Flight map on the plane

Flight map on the plane

On the third day, when jet lag had kind of subsided, I decided to walk along a stretch of  river bank which I have walked on, very often, for many decades of my life.

The Singapore River

The Singapore River

I began my work life as a student earning some extra pocket money as a part-time search clerk in a lawyer’s office and here I would walk and sit to have lunch (usually the cheapest bowl of noodles). Then year after year with cleaning up and ‘modernization’ I still ate lunch here and joined in Fridays’ post-work drink “happy hours” as buildings were being conserved and pubs began sprouting. Yes, I have seen and followed changes made to this bank of the Singapore River.

One feature hasn’t changed at all and I hope it never will. The pigeons are still flying around and lining the bank during daylight hours. They simply add some life to the concrete surroundings. One of  Ma Nature’s lovely contribution.

Pigeons always here

Pigeons always here


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