Mail Boat Ride on Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is Australia’s largest lagoon (42 sq miles) and is of irregular shape. On its banks are nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, sailing and yacht clubs, holiday resorts and residents with some areas inaccessible by road. So there exists a postal system that’s quite unusual. A truck as a mobile office and a boat as the delivery vehicle.

The mobile post office on a truck.

The mobile post office on a truck.

Snail mail and parcels unloaded from the truck ready to go on the mail-boat.


1st stop of the mail-boat and items are handed to the “village” postal worker.


1st batch off the mail-boat

As we chugged on the lake, I noticed that apart from hills and old trees there were ample very large rocks scattered on the banks. Most have been shaped by wind and water into very beautiful (almost) sculpture-like pieces of art.


Beautiful rock formation & texture revealed by natural erosion.

Another stop but this time the boat-postman had to go ashore to place his mailbag in locked box and also collect a bag of outgoing mail.


Deliver and collect at this stop.

Off we went to the next postal outlet with the beautiful Australian flag just blowing in the wind. The residents in the houses there will probably be heading down to collect their mail soon.


Flag on the mail-boat.


Large collection from this mail-outlet.

As Lake Macquarie is connected to the Tasman Sea, it is actually a salt water lagoon/lake so fish and seafood (similar to those out at sea) catching activity is aplenty.


A prawn (shrimp) boat whose owner said he had a good catch that morning.

The lakeside houses are simply awesome. Residents may not have snail mail delivered by road but they sure live in excellent, tranquil surroundings close to Mother Nature.



I wouldn’t mind living in one of these houses … but they’re just too expensive for poor me.





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