Vineyards “Downunder” (Australia)

“How can we not go wine tasting?!” asked my sister-in-law. Hey, how can I say no to that? So, off we went on a tasting spree and the one I liked most was Tyrrell’s, (read their history) a fascinating family owned vineyard & winery.


Mountains, trees and thousands of grapevines.

It’s now early Spring. The air is cool but not chilly. Tree leaves have sprouted; they’re thickening and turning darker green. The grapevines (lots of them older than me, mind you) have sprung to life and from their thick stems, which are like woody trunks, fresh growth have appeared.


These old vines really remind me of Bonsai.

One of the reasons, I think, why I was brought to vineyards was more than wine tasting. It was also to allow me to see the the level of maturity they can get to and the stages of grapes’ growth in Spring.


Little grapes in formation.

This has given me hope … though I only have 12 grape plants growing and they are only 3 years old. Lots of waiting, caring and talking to my young ones will be needed, I guess.


It all began in this little wooden hut of an English immigrant, Mr. Edward Tyrrell

It began in 1858 and now with the 5th generation in charge, the vineyard and winery has grown and produce award winning wines and some even exported globally. (& no, this is not an advertisement.)  


The Oak Barrels are so beautiful – work of art, to me.

In temperature controlled mega-size storage area, lay barrel after barrel after barrel. It made me wonder how many bottles will be needed for all the wine in the barrels that was in just the section I was standing in.



To show the enormity of the barrels, I decided to stand by 1 and have a photo taken.


Nano me next to Mega Barrel.

This is my 1st exploration of a famous winery and no, I didn’t leave the place intoxicated. 😀





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