Beefore and After

Sometimes the “Just-In-Case” notion pays …

We cleared and stored all our outdoor furniture in the garage, took down hanging plants, sheltered potted plants in the oak-well, did all that was necessary on our hurricane checklist before heading for the airport to enjoy our vacation in Singapore and Australia, Just-In-Case. Well, while in sunny Sydney where it was the start of Spring, we sat & watched US news channels of Hurricane Matthew blowing through Florida.

Not much we could do ~ just enjoy the vacation and accept whatever mess Matthew decides to leave behind, right? Upon our return, we didn’t give it much thought during the 1st 2 days of clearing and performing CPR (Crucial Plant Resuscitation) but then we suddenly remembered: we had decided to hang up our Swarm Box a day before leaving, Just-In-Case some Queen and her entourage needed shelter.

The "Just-In-Case" Swarm Box

The “Just-In-Case” Swarm Box

On Day 3, we checked … and … Yo! Her Majesty did take refuge, perhaps to hide from Matthew(?) and decided to stay on.

Action in the Swarm Box!!

Action in the Swarm Box!!

We’ve decided to leave them alone, let them make themselves at home but to bring out a spare Top Bar Hive and place it close to the Box, to let them get used to the scenery.

Top Bar Hive in position.

Top Bar Hive in position.

Our neighbor’s hurricane shutters are still up but we are hoping 2016 hurricane season has ended, even though it’s only the 1st week of November. Did this swarm come from our other hives? Or our neighbor’s hive? Did Hurricane Matthew contribute to their  settling in this Swarm Box? Whatever the circumstance, we’re glad we had hung up this contraption and even laced it with Lemongrass oil  …  Just-In-Case.


5 responses to “Beefore and After

  1. I was going to say lucky you, for I have a so called insect hotel up in my garden for many years, and all to no avail. However our weather has changed, but not so much that we have to plan ahead against what could be considered the unavoidable effects, (flooding not included), of natural events. Anyway, not lucky you, but well done you, for your forward planning. All still going strong, bee’s still buzzing?
    Another anyway, for your post has inspired a little more than a comment, a big THANK YOU, and a few words that express my feelings on “Before and After”, “Just in case”. too.

    Before and After
    Before, and after, can affect ones life.
    Can bring happeness, or loads of strife.
    No matter what, we can pay the price
    We play our cards, we our roll the dice.
    Another ending, bad, or could be nice,
    But nature, I have on very good advice,
    Has turned, now we all, will pay a price,
    We can, but try, to release natures vice.
    Be good to nature, for it, we could entice.
    To what it was before, at most times, very
    by © Mick Talbot 2016
    Dedicated to Temasek Garden

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  2. PS Thank for your kind words and following my blog too, appreciated.


  3. Oh yay! for the bees! What wonderful news! 🙂

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