Curry Leaf Plant’s Embryo

The Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii) once established will/can reproduce in different ways. On its own, with a tap root deep enough to maintain its subsistence, it produces secondary roots (like mini-rhizomes) to produce little “baby” plants which can eventually exist on their on. From a gardener’s standpoint that is a good time to unearth-&-pot to create individual independent plants.

But … Curry Leaf Plants do produce flowers too, which when pollinated become fruits, bearing seeds …

Fruits ~ 1 ripened & 1 still immature.

Fruits ~ 1 ripened & 1 still immature (with their pollinating assistant)

and when ripened can be buried to germinate and produce seedlings.

I usually hand-pick them when they are dark burgundy and begin softening a little, then very, very gently peel off the coating and bury the aromatic seeds with their pulp intact.

A seed with its hypocotyl ~ ready to start growing into a plant.

A matured Curry Leaf fruit and 1 which has been peeled. This seed, with its hypocotyl visible, is still vegetal but ready to start growing into a plant.

So today, a few Curry Leaf seeds will be given new and comfortable seed cell-pots with rich growing mix, to begin their new lives.
Yes, I’m helping it to get out of its Vegetal state!


One response to “Curry Leaf Plant’s Embryo

  1. Lovely! Now I know what they look like!


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