Speed your Seed’s germination

With the slower growing Fall-greens’ seeds having been sown and cuttings in water being rooted. I’ve decided to ‘speed-sow’ the faster growing vegetables which can be harvested (in about 30 days) by leaf snipping, e.g. spinach, lettuce, etc. It takes slightly more initial work but it speeds up the germination and removes guesswork. (Yes, sometimes when nothing surfaces, we start wondering if the seeds are still good for planting.)

I keep and use/re-use food containers with kitchen towels for this. Just lay the towels down, moisten with water and sprinkle the seeds.

Speedy seed germination

Speedy seed germination

Place their tops on and in 24-36 hours, you will see some change ~ if the seeds are still good. Gently add drops of water if needed.

Seeds doing OK.

Seeds doing OK.

I usually let it further grow another day with mild morning sun to help it and it simply springs to life, faster than in any seeding mix or pellets. Then comes the extra work that needs to be done slowly and gently.

Seeding trays must be prepared, i.e. filled with potting mix.

Roots look "strong" enough.

Roots look “strong” enough & most are out of their shells

I then lift the wet towel and gently tear it (at times using tweezers) making sure each piece holds 3-4 seedlings, then lay in the tray’s sections.

Lettuce seeds were transferred this morning.

Lettuce seedlings were transferred this morning.

Then light sprinkle dry moss or potting mix to thinly cover the towel – but not the seedlings.

Nice and comfortable in their "nursery" trays.

Nice and comfortable in their “nursery” trays ~ in 3 days.

Now their growing begins. My Pak-Choy seedlings, transferred yesterday morning, grew so fast, they even opened their green seed-leaves in 24 hours!

Don't they look ready to grow?

Don’t they look ready to grow?

So, in case of need for quick germination I use this method, but I must point out that this works in gardening zones 9 & 10. I can’t speak for gardeners in cooler areas. In case anyone decides to try this using grow-lights & succeeds, please share your results.


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